Saturday, November 27, 2004

Quotation of the day for November 27, 2004

"On Veterans' Day in America, the movie _Saving Private Ryan_ was
dumped by over 60 ABC affiliates and why? Well, apparently, it's
against family values. And so a whole bunch of family values
groups, they got together and they decided because they didn't
want to watch this movie then nobody should be allowed to watch
this movie.

"So they lobbied the FCC and they threatened to boycott any
channel that would dare air this film. And it worked: the movie
was censored in one-third of the country. And why? Because
these people know it is immoral to celebrate Veterans' Day by
watching a war movie if -- get this -- it contains violence,
swearing, or taking the Lord's name in vain.

"None of which, of course, happened in World War II.

"No, because in World War II, people were too busy getting killed
trying to protect America from the type of person that would
definitely tell you what you can and cannot watch. According to
these people, everyone would be much better off celebrating
Veterans' Day by just staying at home and watching another
episode of _Touched By An Angel_.

"Thanks to family values, when it comes to freedom and personal
choice, the wheels are off the bus in America. And let's face it:
it was a pretty short bus to begin with."

- Rick Mercer, _Rick Mercer's Monday Report_, 23 Nov 2004

Submitted by: D. Joseph Creighton
Nov. 23, 2004