Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quotation of the day for July 12, 2011

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Quotation of the Day for July 12, 2011

"Q: The U.S. system spends twice as much as other industrialized nations on health care, yet it still leaves more than 50 million without health coverage. Why has reform been so difficult?"

"A: We're always racking our brains and always bemoaning the fact that it shouldn't be so hard. Part of it is cultural. With Canadians, it's a community -- we're all in this to help each other. In the U.S., it's the frontier -- I'm going to take care of myself and you can't tell me what to do."

- Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York dermatologist and member of Physicians for a National Health Program, from an interview with Lisa Priest. [The Globe and Mail, Apr. 13, 2011, Medical marvel: A U.S. doctor discovers Canadian health care]


Submitted by: Lynn Kisilenko
Apr. 16, 2011

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