Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quotation of the day for May 13, 2014

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Quotation of the Day for May 13, 2014

"While corporations may engage in ruthless downsizing, the layoffs and speed-ups invariably fall on that class of people who are actually making, moving, fixing and maintaining things; through some strange alchemy no one can quite explain, the number of salaried paper-pushers ultimately seems to expand, and more and more employees find themselves, not unlike Soviet workers actually, working 40 or even 50 hour weeks on paper, but effectively working 15 hours just as Keynes predicted, since the rest of their time is spent organising or attending motivational seminars, updating their facebook profiles or downloading TV box-sets."

- David Graeber, Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics.


Submitted by: Mike Krawchuk
May 12, 2014

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