Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quotation of the day for October 21, 2014

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Quotation of the Day for October 21, 2014

"And now, thanks to digital advances, we have a very large industry, which is laughably maybe almost entirely pirate so nobody can collect shit. Well, it was to be expected. Everybody made a lot of money reselling all of recorded musical history in CD form back in the 90s, but now the cat is out of the bag and the new electronic devices which estrange people from their morals also make it easier to steal music than to pay for it."

- Iggy Pop, from his 2014 John Peel Lecture, delivered at the Radio Festival in Salford, England. [The entire lecture is well worth listening to or reading. -eds.]


Submitted by: Terry Labach
Oct. 18, 2014

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