Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Quotation of the day for June 9, 2015

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Quotation of the Day for June 9, 2015

"I think that physical fitness is a part of our survival, and I am hopeful that we can, through the White House--but really it's a private decision--but at least from this area we are going to try to do our best to emphasize this.

"It's really up to every parent. Do your children go every week and watch a basketball game, or do they do something to make themselves fit? I think we are inclined to think that if we watch a football game or a baseball game, that we have taken part in it. That's not what we want."

- John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, from a 1961 interview.


Submitted by: Terry Labach
Jun. 8, 2015

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