Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quotation of the day for January 16, 2010

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Quotation of the Day for January 16, 2010

Do you think that the ink-on-paper book will eventually go away?

I do. I don't know how long it will take. You know, we love stories and we love narrative; we love to get lost in an author's world. That's not going to go away; that's going to thrive. But the physical book really has had a 500-year run. It's probably the most successful technology ever. It's hard to come up with things that have had a longer run. If Gutenberg were alive today, he would recognize the physical book and know how to operate it immediately. Given how much change there has been everywhere else, what's remarkable is how stable the book has been for so long. But no technology, not even one as elegant as the book, lasts forever.

Do you still read books on paper?

Not if I can help it.

- Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, in a Newsweek interview.


Submitted by: Reddy, Michael
Jan. 14, 2010

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