Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quotation of the day for September 14, 2010

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Quotation of the Day for September 14, 2010

"When someone is seeking," said Siddhartha, "it happens quite easily that he only sees the thing that he is seeking; that he is unable to find anything, unable to absorb anything, because he is only thinking of the thing he is seeking, because he has a goal, because he is obsessed with his goal. Seeking means: to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal. You, O worthy one, are perhaps indeed a seeker, for in striving towards your goal, you do not see many things that are under your nose."

- Herman Hesse, Siddhartha.

Submitted by: Chris Doherty
Sep. 5, 2010

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