Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quotation of the day for October 27, 2015

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Quotation of the Day for October 27, 2015

"Speaking of Mr. Harper -- now that he is, effectively, no longer prime minister, who or what shall fill the void? He was the lightning rod of our every discontent. He was a monster bent on destroying our democracy, a fascist who worked on a secret agenda for a full nine years in office and of which even now, with his leaving office, we remain still in darkness, innocent of its terrors. For you see it was far more important to keep it secret than to execute it.

"He was, variously Machiavelli, Mussolini, Mao and Hitler. Harper Canada's image in the forums of the world, and purged all our "Canadian values" here at home. He was the Sauron of Mount Doom-on-the-Rideau waving his terrible arms from the towers of fear and hate. He was tepid on global warming and down on selfies. He liked hockey."

- Rex Murphy, on former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


Submitted by: Terry Labach
Oct. 26, 2015

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